Pork Chop Willie

Pork Chop Willie features Bill Hammer on guitar and vocals and Melissa Tong on fiddle, joined by outstanding rhythm players from both Mississippi and New York. Pork Chop Willie is playing music inspired by the blues from the North Mississippi Hill Country.

Catherine A. Mulligan from BC BlogCritics writes: "The guitar solo provides that weird bittersweet soaring feeling attendant on falling in love, and the fiddle responds with the frenetic drive that underscores passion...The repetition of the guitar breaks open the soul, so the fiddle can get in the cracks as the rhythm section fills up the belly...[Porkchop Willie] is just what New York City needs."

Pork Chop Willie has a devoted following both at home in New York and in Mississippi, where the band travels regularly. Pork Chop Willie has played at Po' Monkey's Lounge in Merigold, Rooster's House of Blues in Oxford, and the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale. The band has appeared at the famous Terra Blues in NYC and was the closing act for New York’s Washington Square Music Festival. For nearly three years, Pork Chop Willie hosted the "North Mississippi Hill Country Night" monthly residency at Banjo Jim's until the East Village gem sadly closed in 2012. PCW is currently playing regularly at John Brown's Smokehouse and at Shrine Harlem.